Saturday, February 12, 2011

happy birthday kakak ♥

for you kakak ;)

Feb. 12th is the date!
ahaaa 2day is my kakak's birthday..
so...selamat hari tua x tua sngt lahh akak ye...hehe
dont worry lahh kak! awk nmpk mudaaa je...haiisss gerammm!
haha oppsss! im so sorry sbb xdpt blik dan celebrate your birthday...
haha ape2 pown semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki yaa..

Azian Hassan

ohh akak, while we were born, we grew up to be bestfriends.... 
then u just someone who has always been there 4 the good times n the bad times 
4 me... a very big tq akak ;)


Friday, February 11, 2011

hiding those things is the best way...

denying, avoiding, and hiding one's feelings is evident everywhere.

Most people would say they want to be happy, but how can you feel happy if you can't feel sad? 

We have to feel and experiance both in order to grow as humans and emotionally.

People who do show their feelings are often put down and told they are "too sensitive," "over- reacting," "emotional". On the other hand, people who hide their emotions are viewed as "strong," "confident".

By being open to your feelings, you'll discover that they will guide and teach you, warn and protect you, delight and entertain you.

I am living with mask, showing only one of the many sides I have. I act differently depending on what side of the people i am with.

many people would call it as "fake", but for me, it shows that i am mature enough to tolerate with different people Surrounding me.

Its better to scream out loud what you feel. It can ease the pain you holding.