Friday, March 25, 2011

Only When You're Lonely by Bruno Mars

Here I am again, doing things I said that I wouldn't do 
It's 3AM and I'm rushing out the door to see you 
Waiting, all day, but now you wanna call me 
Why do you do this to me all the time? 

After all the things you put me through, still I come right back 
But now I know the truth, I can finally see 
You only want me when you're lonely 
If I say I'm gonna leave, that's the only time you want me 

Next time you need me there I won't make it 
Another late night call I won't take it 
Cause now I finally see, you only want me when you're lonely 
Only when you're lonely, lonely 
Only when you're lonely 
Only when you're lonely, lonely 
Only when you're lonely 

Had me fooled from the start and I quickly gave my heart 
Cause I loved you, loved you, loved you 

But this is what happens when you're a lonely boy with no one to turn you 
Now I'm stronger, don't need you any longer 
So get off your knees, your words don't mean anything 

Oh, nothing's ever changing, decisions you can't make it 
You just think of yourself and never me at all 
If you're with your friends, you just string me along 
But I won't allow it anymore, 
so it's time for me to move on 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

awak ;) you :)

haha suka gler lagu setiap kali dgr kt Xfm mesti akan tny ape tajuk lagu ni and ape nama band dia ye?? haha now i know! sngt2 suka! so teros je download... ;) haha this song utk awak! haha awak je taw siapa awak...hehehe ;)) for the last.... this is also 4 u A**.....urmmm we still can be friend kan u....hehe :) okay2 xtaw dah nk cakap ape!! so enjoy dgr lgu ni okay! daaa all.. ;)