Friday, August 19, 2011

tolong lahhh :((

ya Allah do give me a lot of strength...i need a strength 2 face the word we call as fate... am i strong enough?? people do aspect that aku kuat n bole... ya Allah... i dont want 2 meet my past again... tolong lahh nabila kaw kene fhm dia..cuba klu kaw kt tmpt dia.. then what u gonna do!! sometime i feel like wanna let him so that i will make others satisfied... but its not easy 4 me... yes aku taw situation dia but people around him xbole ke give some respect... i dont mind if they are being working...but its on leisure time... okay in ape2 situation sekali pown n walau dgn spe2 pown aku mmg susah nk kate the truth ape yg aku rase... pretend to be like im okay i still can smile 2 jelah aku bole buat...4 what? just because 2 show them that im just fine... the truth is its hard 4 me 2 accept all this in fast way... InsyaAllah i can but it take time... if u read this sayang...this is what i feel... i know u kown me well rite... i know that i have 2 believe in fate yg Allah bg... always be my strength... i love you...


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