Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Little Thing Called Love ♥

sayang i love u more than words could ever say.. u're the one i can't forget even at the last breath i take because u're the one i love so true.. when i found u i felt very thankful to Allah then the moment i opened my heart n let u in, i saw this great love starting to begin.. 

the perfect guy used to be only in my dreams but when i first saw u, it changed everything.. in my heart i hold your love so close because that's the thing i need the most.. i could search my whole life through but i never find another 'you'.. every moment i spent with u is every one of my dreams coming true.. 

i just had to let u know i love u more than anyone can do.. i know love is a journey for us n its too long.. step by step we face it.. the future we can't see so let love lead the way for me n u.. my feelings for u will never ever change sayang, just know my feeling are so true n i really wish that our love will last forever...


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